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WPForms Repeater FAQs

WPForms Repeater FAQs

Please check some of our frequently asked questions about our plugin.

What does this plugin do? #

This plugin provides a full configurable repeatable field for WPForms which can be used to collect repeatable data.

Is Frontend Validation process supported? #

Definitely, our plugin does support frontend validation. If required fields are not filled and submission is processed, we don’t allow form submission just like how WPForms prevents submissions.

Does your plugin support unlimited repeater field? #

Yes, our plugin supports unlimited repeat fields within a form. You can add as many repeater fields as you want each with different settings and max repeat limits.

How can I contact you for support? #

You can email us at support@wpcanny.com as soon as you acquire some questions or problems. We will reply within 24 hours.

Is my form field data secure because it’s a 3rd-party plugin? #

Let’s introduce ourself, we have been working with WordPress since 2011 so proper validation and sanitization are in our heart and is the key goal.

WPForms Repeater FAQs
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